ALL MEALS* come with seasonal fruit/veg/herbs, turmeric and Wholefood Hounds' Superfood Supplement 'Pesto' made from raw kale/spinach with kelp, apple cider vinegar and ground eggshell (natural calcium supplement).


'Standard' Meals contain a minimum of two animal proteins (muscle meat plus liver) and one plant protein. Min 33% meat protein.

'Standard' Meals come with a choice of Regular or Grain-Free.


'High Protein/Low Starch' Meals contain double the meat of the 'Orginal' Meals plus liver, whole egg, veg mix, turmeric, Superfood Pesto and ground eggshell. The extra meat and egg replaces the lentils and grain/pumpkin elements found in the 'Original' Meals. Min 66% meat protein.


Coconut Oil is optional with all meals.


Please note there is an additional charge of $2/kg for Grain-Free with the 'Standard' meals and an additional $1.50/kg for Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut oil for all meals.


NB - The 'Dog's Requirements' selection (Standard/Overweight/Senior) has been removed from the menu options, however, if you have an overweight or senior dog please put a note in the comments when you place your order and the meals can still be tailored accordingly.

*Does not include Muttloaves


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