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Mini supplement balls made from sardines, chicken and eggs.Packed with omega fatty acids and high-quality, easily digestible protein.Great for puppies, growing dogs and dogs who are old and/or sick.

Protein Supplement Balls x 12

  • For puppies...we recommend puppies on three meals a day have 1 x standalone meal of Protein Supplement Balls and 2 x meals a day of our Complete Meals (select 'Standard' in the personalisation box). For growing dogs...the 'Standard' option in all our complete meals contains plenty of high-quality, easily digestible protein for them. However, they may still benefit from Protein Supplement Balls with their meals every few days, particularly during times of fast growth or high activity. Sick dogs...often benefit from additional protein to aid in recovery and/or tissue repair. Old dogs...very old dogs may benefit from our Protein Supplement Balls, particularly if they have little appetite and cannot manage a full meal. Give a small quantity of their usual meal with a Protein Ball.
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