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Legal 'Stuff'  (T&Cs, Privacy, Website Content etc)


All info, advice, recommendations on this website (as well as on our social media, through emails/phonecalls and in person) is the opinion of Wholefood Hounds i.e. Me(!) and represents my beliefs and how I choose to care for my own pets.  It should not be followed in place of veterinary advice or your own research as to what is suitable/safe/best for your own dog/s.  


I feed Wholefood Hounds' food/treats etc to my dog (and my foster dog) but I also feed her other foods e.g. suitable human leftovers and she has a very varied diet.  It remains your responsibility to make sure your dog is fed a balanced diet, and, since there are as many beneficial foods and supplements as there are ailments and sensitivities/allergies in dogs it is for you and your vet to determine what, if any, other foods and supplements your pet requires.


On rare occassions it may be necessary to substitute/omit ingredients listed on a product's description.  We reserve the right to do this where necessary.  If you have any concerns, your dog has allergies or there is any other reason why this could cause a problem it is your responsibility to make this known to us BEFORE purchase. 


All dogs are individuals and, whilst the food we make has had no adverse consequences for our own dogs, we cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions that occur in your dog/s.  Please discontinue use and consult a vet immediately should an adverse reaction occur.  Further to this, please make sure you have read our feeding guidelines and introduced new food slowly to your pet to minimise the chance of any adverse reactions/upset tummies.


As stated on all our labels and every page of this website our food (whilst using human-grade ingredients and being made to the highest standards) is all sold on the condition it is fed as PET FOOD ONLY.  We do not make any products for human consumption.


Most of our meat is purchased off the bone and we try our best to remove any that are there (excluding tinned sardine/salmon bones). However, please check your dog's food just in case we have missed any.


The sticky business of refunds...

All our food/products are made to order.  We also offer it to you at the best possible price we can which does not allow for wastage/refunds of orders. The plus side is you get a fresh product tailor-made to your specifications that avoids any of your dog's know allergens etc.  The downside is once you have paid for an order it is unlikely we will be able to offer a refund as we shop and cook to order and pride ourselves on getting orders to you in a short time frame.  This means we usually start (or purchase ingredients for) your order straight away. If it is possible to use your order for another customer we will happily provide a refund (less PayPal expenses), however, this is unlikely so we ask you to be sure the products is suitable etc etc BEFORE placing an order. 


Also, should your dog not like our food (our fussy dog does but they are all different) we cannot offer a refund so suggest you visit us for a taster at markets/dog events or contact us to arrange a sample or small first order.


Should you no longer be available at the delivery time we have agreed, we will always try and find another time/date/place or (space permitting) freeze your order until you are available for delivery.


Keeping our customers (and their owners!) happy is very important to us as a small business.  If you have any issues we will be only to happy to work with you to find a solution and of course, in the (unlikely) instance a product is in some way "faulty" we will abide by Australian Consumer Laws. 




By using our website and providing information when you contact or order from Wholefood Hounds it is assumed that you consent to giving us that information.  There are two types of info we collect, the first is the data that doesn't specifically identify you (the stuff Google, Facebook etc tell us about our web traffic and 'stuff').  We can't identify you from this and just use it to gather general info. If you don't want this i'm sure you know more about turning off cookies and everything else than I do!


The other info is the stuff I need to answer your questions and deliver your orders.  I just use it for this, I don't pass it on to other companies. I might send the occassional newsletter or questionnaire to you just to see how Wholefood Hounds can improve but it won't be passed on to other mailing lists and if you want your details deleting i'm happy to do this for you - just drop me a message :)



For more details please see our delivery page. If you are outside the 'local delivery' area please message me BEFORE you place an order to check if I can deliver to that location (or a nearby drop-off). It's just me and if you live 100km from Kinross I'm not going to be able to deliver your order! Also, if you have a specific time you need your order delivered it's again best to message me first to check I have an available delivery slot. I do try and get orders out as quickly as possible but in an ideal world if you order at the weekend I can schedule everything in for the week. This means I am able to use my time as efficiently as possible which in turn helps keep my prices down.  If you order under the 'Minimum Order' you will get stung with a massive delivery charge at the checkout! So please don't! Or at least message me first, if you are super local/it's a first order/you just want some frozen treats I'm happy to accomodate you but please drop me a message rather than ordering through the website.


I can control the quality of Wholefood Hounds products up to the point of delivery, after that you are responsible for how you store and feed them to your dog. You can find storage and feeding recommendations on this website and I would always recommend erring on the side of caution. Should you not be home for your delivery you can leave an Esky with ice blocks in a shady place, however, it is your responsibility to check that this is cool enough for the weather conditions and the length of time between delivery and you coming home. If you prefer (storage permitting) I may be able to deliver your food frozen. 


For frozen treats/stock pops you MUST be home for delivery and they can only be delivered very locally (for obvious reasons!). The condition of these products is only guaranteed in Kinross 6028, for other locations please use your own judgement as to the condition they will be delivered in, taking into account the distance and weather conditions for delivery. If they cannot be delivered to you without melting please DON'T order them!


You must also be home for cake deliveries.



As is stated on the footer of every page, Wholefood Hounds products are produced in a kitchen that has nuts, dairy, egss, flours and probably every other allergen imaginable.  If you or your dog suffer from severe allergy then I'm afraid Wholefood Hounds is unable to guarantee products as being 'free from' anything. For milder allergies/intolerances it is your responsibility to check the suitability of a product you are ordering and make any information relating to Wholefood Hounds being able to safely make and deliver products to you known BEFORE placing an order (please bare in mind we may substitute ingredients on occassion without notice due to availability etc so if this could cause a problem for you or your dog you must let us know).


In summary, Wholefood Hounds does everything reasonably possible to produce healthy, quality products that your dog will enjoy and deliver them to our customers in a timely fashion. Should anything beyond our control occur we will communicate this as far as possible as soon as possible.  However, we are not responsible for determining the suitability of our products for your dog or for any adverse reactions or dietary deficiencies, nor are we responsible for our products after delivery.  Please use your own judgement and/or consult your vet.



All rights reserved by Wholefood Hounds ABN 54 629 127 921

All recipies, text and photos are the property, work and ideas of Wholefood Hounds (unless otherwise stated/credited as an external source). If there is something you wish to use please just ask for permission. Depending on what you want to do with it, provided Wholefood Hounds is credited and linked, permission will probably be granted (unless you are just poaching my IP!). Play fair and I'll be reasonable, it's quite simple.




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