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How much does my dog need to eat?


Step One...


  • For dogs: 2-3% of their body weight per day (ideally divided across two meals)

  • For puppies: 4-6% of their body weight per day (divided across two or three meals per day)

  • The table below can be used as a guide for the average feed quantity for the weight of your dog/puppy. 

Step Two...



With Wholefood Hounds it is really easy to provide a natural, wholefood diet tailored to your dog's individual needs and your budget.

We do the hard work for you - you simply personalise the meals to your dog's requirements. Below are the meal options available through the website shop. However, all food is made to order and we are happy to make meals to cater to any dietary conditions your dog may have (following the instructions from your dog's own vet) or price up a 100% organic dog food option for you.


Our aim is to make fresh, natural dog food a realistic feeding option for as many Perth dogs as possible. As such we provide a range of price options which allow you to choose the option best suited to your needs. All meals are supplemented with liver, eggshell, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and kelp and have the option of coconut oil. However, we recommend you consult with your vet to determine if  any other supplements would be beneficial to your pet. For example, some of our meals contain oily fish, however, you may still wish supplement with additional fish oils.


You can choose from 


  • Standard (Regular) a budget-friendly option for dogs of average age and activity level. These meals are made from 1/3 human-grade, high quality meat protein, plus added liver and lentils (vegetable protein), grain, seasonal fruit and veg mix, eggshell (calcium), turmeric plus our raw 'Superfood Pesto' (kale/spinach with apple cider vinegar, kelp, malt and oranges). Coconut oil optional.


  • Standard (Grain-Free)  as above but the grain is replaced with pumpkin. Can help dogs with certain allergies and is also a good 'weigh management' option as it is packed with veggies and no grain. Coconut oil optional.


  • High Protein/Low Starch a great option for dogs with higher protein requirements e.g. growing, active, older or sick dogs, or, for owners who wish to feed a predominantly meat-based diet. These meals are made from 2/3 meat plus liver, whole egg, seasonal veg mix, calcium and Superfood Pesto. Coconut oil optional.


Please note to achieve a balanced diet with fresh food it is essential to feed a good variety of foods (particularly proteins). For this reason, we strongly recommend that you rotate your meal choices i.e. beef, chicken, roo etc. If your dog has allergies which prevent this we are happy to source alternate proteins for you.



  • Be mindful that any snacks contribute towards your dog's daily intake.

  • Always provide access to fresh water.

  • If you find it easier to use cup measurements to serve your dog's food, weigh out the correct quantities of food the first time, then see how many cups this equates to for future feeds.

  • Weigh your dog when they start the diet and adjust the quantity of food if necessary.  Just as with humans, dogs are individuals and many factors influence the quantity of food they require.  Age and activity level are just a guide to get you started.  

  • As with all dietary changes it is recommended you change your dog's diet gradually and introduce the new food over the course of a week or so.

  • For any concerns regarding your dog please consult your vet.

  • All food labelled and sold as 'Pet Food Only'.  This is a legal requirement.

  • To serve our food give it a good mix, you can add a little boiling water as necessary to adjust the consistency and it can be served cold or warmed if your dog prefers.  If warming we recommend heating in a pan, however, if you choose to microwave stir well to make sure there are no hotspots.

  • We do our best to make sure all bones are removed from our food, however, we recommend you remain vigilant for any we may have missed.

  • Any questions or feedback please get in touch by text, email or Facebook PM.  We are happy to help!


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