Little Zen biscuits for chilled-out dogs.

Grain-Free lavender and honey biscuits with the calming benefits of dried lavender. 

GF Lavender & Honey Biscuits

Pack Size
  • Lavender is well known for it's calming properties and as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. As such it is a great aid in the treatment of nervous or excited dogs. Honey contains vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K, plus minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Local honey (made from the pollen in your local area) can also be useful in the treatment of allergies and hay fever. Buckwheat (which is actually a seed not a grain as the name might suggest) is high in fibre, antioxidents and digestible protein. Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat, egg, honey, dried lavender flowers Choose from either a half or whole batch of biscuits. Approx 10 (half batch) or 20 (full batch) assorted biscuit shapes - bone, mini bone, heart, kennel.

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NB - All products sold as PET FOOD ONLY

Allergy Info: Please be aware that our products contain dairy, eggs, gluten, and peanuts, and are produced in a kitchen containing all of the above plus other allergens including, but not limited to, soy, sesame and other nuts.

Please check delivery is available in your area and that products are suitable for your pet PRIOR to ordering.

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