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Whiskey Fudge a.k.a Pugly


  • D.O.B: 20/10/13


Whiskey is a very fussy puppy with a sweet tooth, her new word this week is 'cake' which she thinks she deserves lots of for guarding her little people!  She loves our Training Treats and anything with cheese in.  Her favourite meal is Pasta and Oat Base with Mince Ragu with Cheese.





  • D.O.B: 23/08/98 - 14/04/15

  • BREED: English Cocker Spaniel


Ruffs is a very good natured dog who has always eaten anything and everything (except cabbage!). However, in her old age her teeth and appetite aren't what they were so she likes soft, easily digestible foods like roast chicken, rice and sardines.  Our Protein Supplement Balls are actually great for the times when she hasn't been well and is off her food.

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