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A higher protein / lower starch option to our regular roo meal. This meal contains 2/3 animal protein with 1/3 mixed veg.

This range omits the lentils (veg protein) and grain/pumpkin component of the regular meals. This reduces the overall amount of starch in the meal and replaces it with animal protein.

Ideal for dogs with allergies, higher protein requirements and owners wishing to feed a predominantly meat based diet.

Min order 3kg.

High Protein Kangaroo & Sardine 3kg

  • 3kg Kangaroo and Sardines Protein Meal Made using 2kg of human-grade kangaroo with the remaining 1kg made up of liver, mixed veg (starchy and non-starchy), sardines, Superfood Pesto, whole egg , ground eggshell calcium supplement and turmeric

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