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Forever Living Aloe Vera products now available to order. As part of the new Garden Pharmacy range Wholefood Hounds will be stocking a selection of aloe products to enhance your dog's gut health, skin and teeth.


You can also follow the link on the Aloe Vera page on this website to get full access to all the Forever Living Products. Through this link you can purchase any of the aloe, bee, skincare and essential oil products to support, not just your dog's health, but that of the whole family and home. They will then be sent to you directly from Forever Living.





























NEW FOR 2017!

Garden Pharmacy Range - products utilising the benefits of nature to support your pup's health and wellbeing.






























Our Christmas range is all ready to order. We have a Doggy Christmas Dinner (Rudolph Muttballs), festive, molasses gingerbreads and Christmas - shaped frozen yoghurt treats. For your pup's stocking (or a dog loving friend or family memeber) we have a new range of organic skin-care products made for Wholefood Hounds by another, local, small business - The Family Hub.









Wholefood Hounds will be at the following 'Dog Days' in October...

Sunday 9th - Whiteman Park Doggies Day Out

Sunday 23rd - Wanneroo Dogs Breakfast

Sunday 30th  - Stirling Paw-Some Day Out





Craigie Leisure Centre

11am - 3pm


Wholefood Hounds has a stall alongside 50 other local businesses at this indoor market.





BooBoo's Doggy Day Care Opening 9am - 1pm 

51 Furniss Road, Darch WA


Wholefood Hounds will be at the opening with treats and samples.  

To book your dog in to BooBoo's or for more info follow the link below.  You will also be able to purchase Wholefood Hounds snacks at BooBoo's, check out samples and have Wholefood Hounds' orders delivered there while you are at work for you to take home when you collect your dog.











Instead of the 'Dog's Requirements' selection when you place your order, you can now select whether or not you want us to add Organic, Cold-Pressed, Virgin Cocunut Oil to your dog's meals.  If you follow our Facebook page you will have seen all the articles about how beneficial it is to all dogs, but especially those with allergies.


We can still tailor-make meals for overweight or senior dogs, just pop a note in the comments when you place your order otherwise we will automatically make the 'Standard' Dog option.  


Why is it extra for the grain-free and cocnut oil selections?


At Wholefood Hounds we recognise that everybody's dogs and circumstances are different.  We want all dogs to benefit from fresh, natural, chemical-free, wholefood, dog food but recognise that this is more costly than kibble, especially for households with several and/or big dogs.


For this reason, we keep our base price as low as possible (see how we compare to supermarket wet dog food!).  Then, if you wish to add-in our other options  you can.


With the grain-free option, pumpkin is more expensive than grain as a raw ingredient.  In addition to this, the preparation of pumpkin is labour intensive.


With coconut oil, we add 30 teaspoons (approx 150ml) per 3kg meal which supplements along the guidelines of 1 tsp daily for every 4.5kg of the dog's bodyweight (assuming you are feeding Wholefood Hounds' meals at 2-3% of your dog's bodyweight daily).  


Organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is a very expensive single ingredient to add at this quantity, and, would increase the base cost significantly.  Therefore, we put it as an optional extra so the choice of if and how to supplement with coconut oil is down to you.







Today foster dog Millie came to stay with us.  She is an 8 year old American Cocker Spaniel, she is very easy going and the Rescue's only requirements are that she is in a home with another dog and that she is fed natural, chemical-free food to keep her ears healthy and free from infection.  So between our dog Whiskey and Wholefood Hounds' meals (which she has already devoured!) hopefully she will settle in and be happy here.






As a thank you for your support over the year, our regular customers will receive a Christmas Muttball for each of their dogs.  We will include it with one of your December deliveries.  Merry Christmas and Many Thanks from Wholefood Hounds.






Check out our new Chicken & Cranberry Christmas Muttballs - Special Christmas price of $20 for 4 gift-boxed Muttballs.

We will be delivering right up until Christmas but please get your orders in asap to help us manage orders over the holidays and guarantee your Christmas delivery slot.  They make the perfect Christmas dinner for your four-legged friends and are also great as a gift for a dog-lover if you are looking for something a little bit different.  We can also make up dog food hampers and gift vouchers which make a really thoughtful gift for a time-pressed or elderly dog owner.





Unfortunately due to family commitments I cannot make or deliver any orders from Friday 4th December to Sunday 6th December.  Sorry for any inconvenience.






We have introduced our new menu ready for winter.  We have changed suppliers and have moved from Mix 'n' Match over to 'One Pot' meals in an effort to maintain our highly competitive prices.*  


However, you still have the option to make all our meals grain-free by selecting the Grain-Free Base instead of the Standard Base when you select your items.


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to make meals in 1kg batches.  Therefore, all meals are now sold as 3kg (which is approximately one week's worth of food for a medium [15kg] dog).  However, we found that almost all customers were purchasing more than 1kg anyway so hopefully it won't be a problem for you.  We can also package it into smaller quantities in freezer bags if you prefer, to make it easier for you to store and feed to your dog.  


Any new customers who wish to sample a smaller amount are welcome to contact me.


Don't forget, we are happy to personalise meals so if any of your old favourites have gone or your dog has any special requirements, feel free to contact me and we can work something out.

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