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Aloe Vera Products from Forever Living



Aloe Vera is a natural supplement made from the inner leaf of the plant (btw you don't want your dogs having a munch on aloe plants in your home as there is a toxic layer) that has been used dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians who dubbed it "The Plant of Immortality". It can be used as a general tonic to supplement general good health and wellbeing and it can also be of particular use to animals suffering from ear, skin and digestive problems. It's also a great natural remedy to keep in the first aid box (for pets and people) for hotspots, wounds, burns and bites!


All the Forever Living products are made from the highest quality, organic, cold-pressed aloe. For more info you are welcome to message me or have a look at the 'Aloe Vera for Horses, Dogs and Cats' Facebook group. You can also find aloe articles on the following websites -


Whiskey and Millie have 1ml of gel for every kilo of body weight each morning with their sardines, Whiskey for general wellbeing and Millie to help with her ears/allergies. I also put a bit of gel or the gelly on cotton wool to wipe their ears. The full Forever Living range containing aloe, bee pollen, bee propolis and essential oils for pets, people and homes is available through the link below and I will sometimes have a few products like the toothpaste and gelly with me at markets.* To give you an idea of which products to use of your dogs there's an infographic below. Some of the product names/packaging varies slightly in Australia as the range is not separated into animal and human products here, so, if you have any querries or need any help please ask.


Also, if you are looking for natural flea repellant lotion, why not try this recipe from Animal Wellness Magazing which uses aloe as the base. 

For more info and full instructions you can find the full article here -


Flea-Repelling Lotion

¼ cup aloe vera gel
¼ tsp neem oil
3 drops cedarwood essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops lemongrass essential oil

NB - Check out the range of organic skincare products from The Family Hub Organics in the Wholefood Hounds online shop for other products with flea-repelling neem oil.


*Please check the suitability of all products with your vet or natural health care provider before using on your pet. Please be particularly mindful that not all essential oils are safe for dogs and horses (and that the dosage varies between people, children and pets) and that essential oils should not be used at all with pets such as cats and rabbits.



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