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Get Back to Nature and Help Reduce Allergies with a Clean Eating, Holistic Approach to Pet Food. 

Wholefood Hounds - Fresh Food for Dogs, Hand Made in Perth WA

At Wholefood Hounds we produce home cooked, nutritious dog food for local delivery or collection. Our aim is quality, home-made canine nutrition with low food miles. All food is made to order so your dog receives a fresh product tailor-made to their needs. We cater to allergies, food sensitivities and other dietary requirements such as grain-free, single-protein and other special diets.


So, if you want to feed your dog a natural, cooked diet but have other commitments then Wholefood Hounds can do it for you! 


You can exclusively feed a cooked diet or you can find a solution that fits your dog, your budget and your family.  The cost of feeding a natural, wholefood diet from quality produce is obviously slightly higher than feeding kibble but, hopefully, the dog is healthier in the long run and requires fewer trips to the vets for allergies, intolerences and illnesses.  As they say, prevention is better than cure. And, as with humans, some natural, fresh food is always better than none, so, even if you don't exclusively feed this way your dog will still benefit from all the times you do.


Happy healthy animals and a happy healthy environment! Click the button below to shop. 


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